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This makes me so effing mad. I'm sure everybody was extremely proud of you when you were pregnant. Most people keep showering pregnant women with kindness and treats because 'you've got to eat for two now'. However, once they give birth, they're too fat all of a sudden. Well, it's pregnancy, you're EXPECTED to gain weight. And for most women, it's not that easy to shed it afterwards. Just try and ignore their catty comments, you're better than that. I know it's horribly difficult to do this, but hey, what the hell do they know. It really pissed me to read about your husband losing his patience. What patience?? He was patient enough to have a child with you, he should be supporting you. And if he's not, that's his loss, because I'm sure you're going to make it. Just stay strong, if you can't do it on your own with the tools on FitDay find a nutritionist, one that you can work with. Eventually, you will find a diet/exercise routine that works for you.
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