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Thanks, Mike, I'm trying.

As for the back, I had a car accident recently and then slipped on wet tiles in the bathroom and fell in the same spot I hurt in the accident. I've been trying to move around and stretch and not depend on meds when I can avoid it. I took this incredibly long walk in the woods today (no meds at all, not even Aleve or Advil, never mind the other stuff) I was AMAZED I could do it considering how bad my back's been feeling. I'm hoping tomorrow I feel good because at the moment I'm OK. Also I went to Vermont, 5 hours in the car each way and my back was not a happy camper.

Thanks for asking!!! How have you been? How's your back been? I know you have had some chronic issues too. I don't know if you ever tried acupuncture but it really helps me. Actually I go to someone who does a combination of stuff: accupuncture, cranial sacral stuff, massage and various movements and whatever voodoo she does really helps. I have gone in bent over and a day or two after treatment have really gotten great results.

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