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Originally Posted by Mama_Loca View Post
Yandry, I am preparing for WLS and I have also given much thought to what you are experiencing. You've only just had your surgery, this phase will end soon enough. Maybe try eating at a slightly different time then the rest of the family and separate yourself from the eating rituals for a short time. Out of sight, out of mind. Take a deep breath and think about how great it will feel to be healthy and energetic. If you're carrying around over 100 pounds of extra weight right now, think of what you'll be able to do with it gone. I'm talking faster than a speeding locomotive, able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Yandry!

thank you for your support. i know this will end soon. today im feeling much better and positive, ill continue following the doctors instruction and will not think about food at all and now that im back to work it will help me take my mind of that.

everyone have different way of thinking if your considering WLS ill recommend it to do it but only if you have a lot of health problems and over 100 lbs over weigh, other wise ill recommend anyone to do everything they can to lose weigh on their on. this is a huge decision and it will change ur life completely. YES is difficult and its hard but at the end i know so it will be worth it. my mom was 250lbs 5'0ft tall and shes now 128lbs after a yr and 4 months, she no longer have hypertension nor cholesterol. she looks great, feels great and her energy is as of a 4 yrs old child, and her self esteem is at the top of the world, shes my inspiration and if she did it so can i. like i said is not gonna be easy but nothing good comes easy in life. so if you going to get it do it and have alot of faith in urself.

if you need anything any help or advice im here you can write to me at anytime and ill be an extra friend for support. hope all goes well with ur WLS.
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