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Hope, thanks for your encouragement on my scale finally moving again. I see by the mini goals in your signature that your goal of 128 by 8/31 is quite doable! I'd like to be under 200 lbs. by then, so I've got like 14.5 lbs. to lose compared with your 11. Come on--we can do it. I visited Burlington, Vermont in 1989. Such a peaceful and pretty place. I totally agree with Cassie. Parenting is so hard and it's certainly not a popularity contest. The best parents are the ones who stick to their convictions on what is right for their children even when they know their kids will detest them for it. My daughter and I went through horrible times together--we are now best friends. Your bonus/payoff comes later when you witness your kids putting to use in their own lives, and that of their children, valuable life lessons they learned from YOU. Your day will come, Hope. Big hug to ya.

Mike, you must have done something right to lose 2.8 lbs. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Tunnrida, congrats on your weight loss!
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