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Hey Coach! Gotta question for you.

I've increased my running lately. I'm now almost running a full 4.4 miles without stopping (I probably could do the whole thing ns but I'm still trying not to kill myself as I'm still not in the shape I want to be in). My time is less than 10 min/mile and I'm happy with that right now.

My question is, out of nowhere, my left hip has had a slight pain that I've noticed after running. It seems to have appeared out of nowhere, never had any problems with hip, knees, etc before. It is very slight, noticed it about a month ago, it went away after a few days, I continued running and it didn't reappear for weeks. Yet yesterday it mysteriously reappeared after running again.

I've been stretching prior to running. Not really warming up "officially", but my warmup consists of taking it easy for the the first half mile before I push it more.

This is very slight pain, hardly much at all, and not getting any worse, but I'm wondering what could possibly be going on with this. Any ideas? Thanks.

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