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Cassie, thanks for starting us. What is PCC?

Mern, so glad your scale is moving in the right direction. At 139, I feel like I am back at the drawing board - yet again. Had a fun but very indulgent weekend in Vermont (Burlington is a great town) and ate like crazy at my friend's wedding. I feel like a big fat bloated cow.

1) plan meals- 2)1650 calories MAX
3) eat outside when I can
4) 8 glasses of water
5) strrretch _
6) gym or walk (even short amounts) 3x
7) write whatever (journal, free writing) 1 hour per day
8) 500 words "real" writing 5x this week
6) see acupuncturist for my back
7) book tix for Fla
9) fill out insurance forms
10) book appointment for DD shot/college health
11) book appointment for Ginger
12) meditate
13) stop thinking I am the worst parent in the world
14) be present

Lotta goals; feeling discouraged but I gotta try

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