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Originally Posted by luciuscincinnatus View Post
I have been a lurker in the online world and never sought support or interaction regarding weight issues.

After serial failures, I think it is time to try something new. Hence this posting. I will try to post weekly from here and see how long it is til I drop out... wish me luck (and fortitude).

Having had childhood onset obesity, I am about 50 and 6' and weigh ca. 350. Like the poem about little girls, when I am good I am very very good (alas) when I am bad I am horrid. I love over-consumption... but enough detail.

I am going to target a weight loss of 70 pounds over the next 7 months... a bit aggressive but I would love to end the year at the much healthier weight of 280. (after I hit 280 we can talk....)

My interim goal is to break 300 (-50 pounds) in 3 months (end of August).

Any comments or ideas will be appreciated... thanks for your support.

i'm inspired by the fact that you haven't given up, and that you take your health seriously. a lot of people who reach this stage just don't care any more, and don't keep track of their dietary habits and all. how are you doing so far, according to your goals?
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