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Hi Nyda and all, I just started my over 50, over 100 journey. I'm prepping for weight loss surgery, but that won't be happening until well after September. I have to have 4 months with a Nutritionist before i qualify with my insurance so I have been at this since the middle of April with 8 pounds lost. I know it took me many years to get where I am, but it's so frustrating knowing it will take nearly as long to loose it. I have a lofty goal to be at 300 pounds by mid September, my 54th birthday and hopefully close to my surgery date.

We need to remember to move forward and forget the past. Don't try to make huge changes, baby steps. I've read that it takes about 3 weeks to form a habit. So I hack my life and work on creating new good habits to replace the old bad habits. Before I would mess up one day and give up. Now if I mess up one day I forgive and forget and go forward. We can do this.
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