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Id get a second opinion if I were you on your thyroid. It sounds exactly like what was happening to me when I first started gaining weight (10yrs ago). I finally found a doctor that new alot about thyroid and ran a large thyroid panel which i wasnt getting done before. The other docs had just tested t4 and t3 but you also need a thyroid antibody test and i believe something else. its been a while since i read up anyways, your thyroid can also ping-pong back and forth to where you'll be low and then normal and then high for a little while before it settles on one thing which wreaks havoc on the way you feel, depression, weight gains and losses, skin, hair, just hormones in general. Thyroid is a very frustrating thing to deal with. Also, doctors that dont deal alot with thyroid issues dont know much about sub-clinical hypo/hyperthyroid. Basically you are on the low or high end of what the "normal" range is but that is NOT where your specific body needs to be. 50mcg seems low to me even for subclinical. also, you may do better with something like armour thyroid which is a more natural easier absorbed thyroid meds. The only other thing it sounds like to me (and im no expert!) is I wondered if you had started taking a antidepressant or changed to a different one when all this started? Doctors will tell you that they dont effect your weight which is totally ridiculous. it does. everyone is different but ive yet to meet anybody that hasnt started having trouble with their weight after starting one. Im sorry your having so much trouble. I really feel for you. It can be very frustrating and depressing when your body isnt working the way that you want it to! hang in there!
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