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Originally Posted by handcycle2005 View Post
Has he said why you're so anemic? Passing out from exertion is far from normal even with anemia.
Because I have cycle issues and bleed too much for faaaaar too long- at one point I bled for 6 months without stopping =/
That is much better than it used to be after years of Birth Control changes- and its rare I feel iron deficiency weakness... but my levels still aren't up to par. Doc says its because once you've had lower iron levels long enough your body has a hard time readjusting- especially if your diet isn't especially iron rich. Hoping my diet and more weight loss will help with that though.

I have to take Iron supplements in pretty high amounts... my Doc wants my body to readjust so that when/if I become pregnant in the future the high iron levels won't be as much a shock to my system.

So back to my original question- Walking or Jogging? xD
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