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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
HC, I've got a question regarding carb loading and or the balance regarding carbs vs. protein.
I've trained myself to keep the carb limit low regarding my general diet, but since I've been going on longer runs, I've noticed my sweat has an ammonia odor to it.

I googled it and found it's due to my body burning protein for energy once the carb energy has been depleted. Do you have any advice on this?
Yes. Up your carb intake. When you deplete your glycogen stores, up to 15 % of calories come from breaking down muscle in order to use the protein for energy.

You can only improve your fat burning capacity only so far. You'll never be able to burn fat at the same rate as burning glycogen. The reason runners slow down when they "hit the wall" is because fat burning can only be done with oxygen(no anaerobic running) and it's at a much slower rate.

While restricting carbs to improve fat burning can help extend glycogen stores for a marathon, it will hinder training for and racing 5K/10Ks.
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