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Hi, I'm Roger, 46, 5'6, 70kg (sorry for the European measurements) and today I discovered Fitday… I guess I'm in my midlife crisis and have decided to lose my love handles and double chin. Via an internet add I clicked on Lee Caleb's Superdiet program and ended up paying 47 dollars. The things I've gotten out of this, is what I could have gotten out of Youtube as well, but I just needed the motivation I guess. The MOST important impulse, however, is that from the program I got encouraged to add 2 fastening days into my week. This seems harsh, but it's completely doable - and after my first one yesterday I actually felt better! 1 or 2 days fastening a week is not health threatening and allows you to eat your favorite food more often. I combine this with callanetics such as jumping jacks and push ups.

My goal is to lose 6 kilos in 3 months, so not really aggressive and I don't need to lose more, but I really need to get rid of my LH's, 'titties' and chubby cheeks.

Hope to be able to report weekly as well.
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