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Default Walking Vs Jogging

I have a question and was hoping for some suggestions.

I've recently lost 25 pounds, and for the past 4 weeks I've walked home every work day for 4 miles. The first two weeks were brutal, but thats ok, because I felt some real improvement in my health, weight, and the tone of my legs.

The last week though, I haven't really "felt" anything from it... just mild irritation because I'm in Houston and its too hot xD
So today I started trying to jog some; I'd jog one block, and then walk a block, jog, walk, jog. I definitely FELT alot more.

A few problems though.
1. I have Extremely weak lungs... thats the only word my Doc could think for them. I can only take smaller breaths, so regulating breathing can be a pain. Because of this my walking blocks are pretty lax slow walking instead of my normal speed walking.
2. Speed walking, and my jogging/Walking alternations took about the same amount of time to do four miles (about 1 hour). So I'm not actually making better time... just much shorter on breath and sweating much more hahaha.

So here is my question.
1. What will help me lose more calories? Speed Walking, or Jogging alternation. I've recently his a plauteu, so anything I can think of to break it would be nice.
2. Will jogging help strengthen my lungs? Or just irritate them xD?
3. If jogging won't help, then does anyone have any exercise suggestions to strengthen lungs? I'd love to run one day; I've always loved to run, its like the closest sensation in the world to flying. Its just if I push myself too much I've always started hyperventilating, and then blacking out because of anemia (I know, pacing is key )

Insight and suggestions will be much appreciated.
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