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Originally Posted by danielcarter View Post
I'm in the exact same boat. I signed up years ago and still get annoying nag emails. I also can't find any way to make it stop.
What emails are you referring to and how often do you get them? I don't know if I've ever received an email from FitDay.

Originally Posted by danielcarter View Post
I am also a software developer, and I don't want to hear that crap about "you want them to take time to remove you from X or Y database". Yes, if you take people's personal information, even for a free service, ESPECIALLY something like personal health, I believe you have an obligation to allow users to remove or redact that personal information.

I'm not saying that I want you to dig into your DB by hand and personally write the delete statement, I'm saying you should have designed a methodology for me to do it.

And don't get snide about "tech people's time" with my personal information. Obviously if the "premium accounts" have the ability to do it that methodology exists; they should have exposed the function to their free clients as well. I see this as holding my information hostage.

You won't remove my HEALTH INFORMATION until I pay for an account? That's the very definition of "hostage".
I'm sorry that you feel that FitDay is holding your information "hostage". Any information that FitDay gets on a user was freely given by that user, FitDay doesn't go out and "take" information.

Did you try contacting FitDay directly, via the link provided below about your concerns?
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