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Originally Posted by Zidanelin View Post
last year, I also did diet by just eating alot on breakfast, fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner. I lost about 10-15 pounds by just doing that. And when classes started, I stopped doing it and gained about 10 pounds again. I don't think that I eat alot, infact, in my group of friends (they are all thin btw, *about 95-105 lbs*) I eat the least. I had my blood checked and my cholesterol was even under the range and nothing is wrong with my thyroid.
Please don't evaluate your own weight by that of your friends. Have you ever seen the picture of 5 women who each weigh the same? Their body-types are wildly different and you would never guess that they weigh the same. At 5'1" you may be a little heavy at 155, but you need to concentrate on a healthy diet right now...the healthy diet (watch the fruit, it can be very fattening) will be better for you than trying to lose weight fast.

For one week, track your carbohydrates more than your calories (it's easy on fitday). If you are over 100 carbohydrates a day (one apple = 19 carbs, 1 cup of pasta runs around 50 carbs), then that could be the reason you are not losing right now. Going healthy (no processed flours, sugars, etc) is a great start, but when you get to the tough part of losing, you have to take other factors into consideration.

Don't give up...every little change makes a difference in the long run.
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