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Tunnrida – what’s your favorite Jillian DVD? Everyone defines clean eating differently, for me, it’s keeping away from processed foods, minimal meat, and let the grains be whole grains. I don’t live that way, but know it feels good when I do!

Pam, when I say “no thank you” at breakfast tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of coming back to boast that I did so! Good work on the many pull ups and push ups.

Great Y morning – nice hard run 3.5 miles, (at the end of 30 minutes I was at 3.25 which included warm up and cool down, but we did laps around the basket ball court, so I’m saying 3.5 total.).

Boot camp was strenuous – I found myself doing the “easy version” on a lot of the moves – ever do alternating planks? (make a plank on your elbows, then go up to your hands, then back to your elbows, and so on for a minute and a half).
Be strong!
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