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Default Looking for support... it's a long road

I have been a lurker in the online world and never sought support or interaction regarding weight issues.

After serial failures, I think it is time to try something new. Hence this posting. I will try to post weekly from here and see how long it is til I drop out... wish me luck (and fortitude).

Having had childhood onset obesity, I am about 50 and 6' and weigh ca. 350. Like the poem about little girls, when I am good I am very very good (alas) when I am bad I am horrid. I love over-consumption... but enough detail.

I am going to target a weight loss of 70 pounds over the next 7 months... a bit aggressive but I would love to end the year at the much healthier weight of 280. (after I hit 280 we can talk....)

My interim goal is to break 300 (-50 pounds) in 3 months (end of August).

Any comments or ideas will be appreciated... thanks for your support.

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