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Originally Posted by ivywinter View Post
I'm a petite person, and was never one to have to worry about weight, but im totally out of shape (in the, i may seem thin on the outside but im huffing and puffing after a couple flights of stairs way) and pretty damn weak. I always struggled carrying home a couple of grocery bags and would never get all the food i needed in one go because i just couldn't carry it. My boyfriend and my dad would always say it's cuz i'm "little" (i'm 5'2) but that gets tiring. It may be cute to them but it's disappointing to me.

I know it's a small thing, but it made me feel sooo good and like i could do it on my own without having anyone help me or without having to take a million rests in between.
You go girl. And you know what, you're dad and your BF are dead wrong. I'm also 5'-2", and the oldest of 3 farm raised kids. Out of necessity my folks worked me like a man. Believe me you can be tiny and dainty and still built like a field stone privy.
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