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Terri, glad to see your voice around here again, you've been missed. Sorry that you're battling a bout of the blues, if you lived closer I would take you shopping and for a mani-pedi. A little self indulgence goes a long way sometimes. I too am back on the exercise wagon. My WO partner and I went walking 4 days last week, for a grand total of 16 miles. She's working today, so I got my butt on the elliptical this morning.

Mike, clam shells? Dude you have a nicely muscled chest, you really don't need to hide behind a pair of clam shells. Although, I suppose when you wear that down to the beach you're not exactly hiding are you?

Joanna, what a cool/crazy job, sounds like a ton of fun. What kind of ice cream sandwiches are you eating? I think I need some... Have fun in Europe, where are you going?

Mern, can I get a "NO CAR SEAT" AMEN? AMEN! AMEN!!! I can't even tell you how jealous I am. I've had a car seat in my car since 2001, and have at least 2 years left. Thankfully I drive an 8 passenger vehicle and don't have to keep moving them around.

Tori, I think you need to make a goal wager with Mike. Whichever one of you comes out the loser must post a picture of self in a pink thong and clam shells. LOL.

Hope, it's bathing suit season. I live in MI and it was 87 degrees yesterday. The kids went swimming and I worked on the garden, it felt like the friggin' Sahara out there, hot, dry, dusty, my flip flops even got that melting feeling. But if you don't like the weather here in Michigan, just give it a minute. Today it's a chilly 59 with intermittent rain showers. Much more pleasant to plant the garden in. I'm almost done actually. I have carrots and some sunflowers left to put in, and maybe another row of beets, and a row of sweet potatoes if I can find them.
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