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Hi everybody!! I see you are all extra chatty and getting ready for the week! I forgot it was monday but excited to say that I have remained on track - I have not been logging but my food doesnt change very much from day to day! Water is good, kids are good, weather is great however some clouds just rolled in and I don't know if there is a storm coming off the lake or if its motorcycles in the distance!...better play it safe and grab the towels and clothes off the back deck!

I'll have the same goals as last week - they seem to be working well! I hope this week goes smooth - DH is gone to WAWA with my dad on a fishing trip. He doesn't get back till next sunday....crap! May have to tackle the riding lawn mower by myself the last time I was on it, I hit a wet patch and busted the belt LOL ooops!

Nobe - that does sound delicious! Family Rest are the best! Congrats on getting to bed for the last 2 days last week!!

Mern - YAY no car seats - I think Braydon should be in a booster seat any time now I just have to check our regulations before making the switch. That has been a long time! Your car is going to look brand new and unrecognizable!

Tori and Mike - your "trading places" sounds awesome! You guys make a great team!
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