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Hope, it's hot enough here to go swimming. Gonna be in the 90's here later this week, I think. My headache DID finally go away, thanks. I guess the kids' car seat thing doesn't sound like a big deal to many, but 17 years of shuffling them around for one reason or another has been a pain in the butt to me. LOL Let us know when you have that mammo scheduled. Oddly, I am not having trouble with the website. I WAS having trouble on both Firefox and Internet Explorer today but not on THIS website. Now that I logged onto GoogleChrome everything is stable. Best wishes on your goals.

I didn't have time for breakfast, but did exercise, and got in a nutritious lunch of turkey, cheese, black soybeans, and a protein shake with flaxmeal.

Good thing I set my kitchen timer--have to go pick up my other granddaughter from high school and almost forgot I have to drive to live-in GD's BF's house to take her to work at 4:00. That makes SEVEN round trips chauffeuring grandkids today because of DH golfing and this being exam week for live-in GD, so her schedule is different from her sister's who goes to the same school. I'm HOPING DH will be home in time to pick up live-in GD from work (chauffer trip #8 today) because I don't do well at playing martyr--I turn bitchy.
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