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What is this with bathing suit season? It's May!!!!! I still have time errr don't I?

I was gonna say if Mike would put on the pink thong and clamshells and take a picture I will schedule a mammogram. But honestly, I am not sure I want to see that picture.

Mern, I hope your head feels better and glad you will be car seat free for a while soon.

Terrie good to see you back; so sorry to hear you were in a funk. I hope we can help you "un-funkify."

Joanna yay for Europe trip. Take me with you.

This site is barely letting me type so goals:

1) 7 glasses of water
2) 1650 cals
3) stretch
4) write for two hours M-W and an hour for two more days
5) stay positive
6) try not to worry

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