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Good Lord, Mike! Is that a pink thong swim suit?

Tunnrida, best wishes with the blood type diet.

Shoot, I'll have to exercise at home today instead of at the Y because of extra kid chauffeuring duties and DH went golfing so he can't help. I HATE not having school busses!

--Gotta pick up one GD from school at noon at take her to her BF's house.
--Then leave here at 1:40 to pick up her sister from H.S at 2:15. Gotta be there half an hour early to get a decent parking space, otherwise it takes an extra 20 minutes (not kidding) to exit the parking lot.
--Then leave here at 2:30 to pick up the younger grandkids and my daughter won't be here until 4:30 to take the kids home.

But I also have to count my blessing of having grandkids to begin with and being in a position to help my daughter who can't afford child care.

If I save exercise for the evening it doesn't get done. So I'll get out my aerobic walking DVD.
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