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Well, I have no idea where my post went! I thought it got posted when I hit the Submit button! LOL Either it disappeared into cyberspace or I'm going nuts!

Well quickly, then:

Tracey, what's the latest news on Grandma? Prayers and cyberhugs continuing.

Cassie, great job!

Nobe, you, too!

Jho, so sorry 'bout your unsuccessful open house. Nice compliment from DH on your butt getting smaller.

Ama, a neurologist diagnosed me with carpel tunnel syndrome at the same time I was diagnosed with tendonitis and bursitis by an orthopaedist, but oddly, the carpel tunnel syndrome has never caused me the slightest bit of pain yet. I hope you find comfort. I ordered a copy of the Prophet from Ebay last night. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

For anyone interested, exerpts of Gibran's writings in "The Prophet" can be found at The PROPHET, by Kahlil Gibran

I had a lovely day today and am on track with food; scheduled day off exercise, lagging on water but am drinking some now.
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