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I know I drink to much soda but I have cut back alot ,maybe by half of what I was drinking.. I have constent sinus problem and the soda cleans out my throat and I don't have a dry mouth. I know I need to drink more water. Water is really good for loosening sinus and other things.
I was dignosed extreemly insulan ristant about 6 years ago and withno health insurance I can't afford an other test at this time. Along wth the resistance I am on to anti depressant on I have been for a while and the other is for my migrains.
Somedays I find it difficult to get up and moving like a would like to. Yesterday, because it was cold here in Idaho, I spent a good 4 hours going through draws and boxes in my bedroom and it all looks much better now. I did really well on my eating and on my water.
water 8 cups
soda 1 liter -it helps me be able to talk on the phone (call center)
exercise watered the green house and feed the fish.. they are all getting so big-oldest I have had since 1999 a nd over a foot long
veggies- 3 servings -got first cucmber from the green house today
fruits 2- big banana
I am sorry have not been on the last couple of days. I get busy on my cross stitching and forget to watch the time. Till to morrow
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