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So which should I believe? Which is the best type of source for this information? Where did the number for this site come about... did it come from Livestrong? I love that site, by the way. I just want to know what the most scientific and accurate amount should be, because 4,700 a day through just diet is really tough, and I want to be sure I truly am getting enough.

The number is from the Food and Nutrition Center of the Institute of Medicine:


0 - 6 months: 0.4 grams a day (g/day)
7 - 12 months: 0.7 g/day

Children and Adolescents

1 - 3 years: 3 g/day
4 - 8 years: 3.8 g/day
9 - 13 years: 4.5 g/day
14 - 18 years: 4.7 g/day


Age 19 and older: 4.7 g/day

Women who are producing breast milk need slightly higher amounts (5.1 g/day). Ask your doctor what amount is best for you.

Persons who are being treated for hypokalemia need potassium supplements. Your health care provider will develop a supplementation plan based on your specific needs.

Potassium in diet: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
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