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I've now had a personal trainer for a month, and really been more active lately... looks like in the 5 weeks I lost around 8 pounds, which i'm pretty happy about, but know I can do more if I focus harder.

I'm going on a holiday in July, so my goal right now is to get down to 299 before doing it -- I now have about 18 lbs to go in 8 weeks, so it seems dooable, just need to remain dedicated. I'm hoping to smash that goal and go beyond it too... time to crank it up!
28, male, 6'4
01/01/2012: 333 lbs
5/18/2012: 315.2lbs
6/3/2012: 310.3lbs
6/24/2012: 306.0lbs
8/03/2012: 299lbs
10/05/2012: 305lbs
11/12/2012: 301lbs

Goal Weight: 220

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