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Ok, so here's my little achievement that makes me feel good! First let me set up where i'm at...

I'm a petite person, and was never one to have to worry about weight, but im totally out of shape (in the, i may seem thin on the outside but im huffing and puffing after a couple flights of stairs way) and pretty damn weak. I always struggled carrying home a couple of grocery bags and would never get all the food i needed in one go because i just couldn't carry it. My boyfriend and my dad would always say it's cuz i'm "little" (i'm 5'2) but that gets tiring. It may be cute to them but it's disappointing to me.

Well, i decided a week and a half ago that I'm done sitting around and letting my muscles waste away, and feeling like i can't do something as simple as that. I started cardio and weight training, and lots of strength exercises, as well as eating healthier and making a conscious effort to get in more protein. I'm happy to say i went grocery shopping today and carried home a bunch of heavy cans and liquids home that normally i would avoid buying so many in one go, and was just fine! I didn't really tire out til i reached my block, and normally i get tired at the half way point (it's about a 10 minute walk between my house and my grocery store).

I know it's a small thing, but it made me feel sooo good and like i could do it on my own without having anyone help me or without having to take a million rests in between.
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