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Originally Posted by skyhills View Post
1. i am a newby so i am trying to learn and do right - in a low carb diet you calculate net carbs - this is calculated by carbs minus fiber minus sugar/alcohol - from what i can see fitday calculates total carbs only and does not calculate net carbs
in setting my goal of 25 net carbs per day - i need to adjust the carb count in fitday to represent net carbs

2. i thought all vegs were low carb - but was surprised to see how high yellow bell peppers are - is there really 15 g carb in one yellow pepper

3, if anyone has tips as to how to make net carb diet the most effective i would appreciate the tips

Hi skyhills,
Welcome to FitDay. There are some things the program does very well, some things, not so well. Net Carbs is one of the things it doesn't do. Nor is there a place for "sugar". However, for your purposes all you need to do is substract the fiber number from the total carb number and you will get the net carbs. Sugar alcohols have very little digestable calories so you really don't need to worry about those.

Secondly, veggies and fruits are mostly carbs - good carbs, but carbs never the less. Most low carb diets allow many veggies, but things like potatoes, peas, and corn are usually off the list because of high starch content (readily available sugars). Fruits are sugar (in the purest form). Some have higher glycemic indexes than others, meaning that they have more readily available surgars than others. Bananas are an example of that as is watermelon. Others like citrus, apples, and peachs are lower in readily available sugars, but often limited for the low carbers.

Hope that helps a little.

Don't hesitate to ask any other questions you might have - there is a ton of expertise on these forums.
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