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Exclamation Custom Activity/Custom Workout Option

Originally Posted by didcrywolf View Post
Hum 2012 and still no way to create our own activities... I take Bikram yoga and I wish I could enter my OWN activity. My interest in using FIT DAY is for its ability to compile data ( in exchange I look at the ads!) NOT to choose activities for me... we are all different and I find it hard to believe we all do the same kind of activities at the same per% every day!

ditto. It's May 2012... I just left my first hot yoga class, and it befuddles me that FitDay still won't allow you to enter your own activity... in fact, it's weird and strange, very strange. They allow the abilities to enter your own food (their food database sux pretty bad, sorry, but it does), so you'd think we could enter our own activity.

And what's even more interesting is that they actually have an article breaking down all the types of yoga-- Calories Burned for Yoga: Is it Enough for Weight Loss? / Fitness / Cardio. Yet, only one type of Yoga is in the database. Irks the freak out of me! Get it together FitDay!

I signed up for 3 of the top free food/weight trackers, wasn't 'bout to pay for Weight Watchers, lol then after 2 days I decided to scrap the others for FitDay because of the lovely streamlined display and charts, I love how simple it is... I hate when websites divide up breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks... it's added work and no point since it's all just calories, I just need a running talley and FitDay does this perfectly.

side note: Though there food database is bad, I respect that they don't allow people to enter food and it shows up for everyone to use because they starts to look messy and people often repeat the same foods. That said they just need to add WAY more foods. There should be at least 3 interns at FitDay whose sole purpose is to add foods to the database, at least the healthy stuff like Vitamuffins, Smoothie King smoothies, FiberOne Bars, sushi, yanno stuff that folks losing weight will definitely be eating.

I love everything about FitDay so far, though some pages take a bit longer than wanted to load it's so simple yet visually pleasing that I don't mind waiting those extra 5 seconds. But not being able to add your own workout is enough to leave it and go back to one of the many other free weight/workout tracking websites (even if they are chunky in design and not as pretty to look at).
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