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The buffet last night was very good, lots of chicken, pork and turkey strips with different coatings as well as other meats like venison or beef and loads of fish. You made your choices and they cooked them for you on a grill. I had some venison with forest fruits sauce and some spicy chicken and a little bit of pork in a herb coating. None of the strips were large and the marinades weren't very oily. There were lots of side dishes too but I went with salads, no dressing and some cous cous with spices.
All in all the first part went well. Then I saw the little desserts, lots of them, I won't go into details but suffice to say I didn't choose the fruit salad.
Today I only managed a short walk over the river from Buda into Pest and am now back in the hotel lounging. We have one more full day here tomorrow then home on Sat morning to my BFs place in England and then I go home to N Ireland on Sunday.
I will be pretty scared getting on the scales Monday morning......
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