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LOL @ Kayla "fricken sweet"! So glad you refused to give in and I hope that coffee did the trick - this often works for me as well!

That is amazing Tracey! Congrats to you! You are totally in "The Zone"! Keep it up and keep posting those amazing results to keep everybody motivated! WOOHOO!!!!

Nicole - I usually just do a quick "copy" if whatever I type out before I hit the submit button - fitday often times out if you'e spent too much time writing a reply! Earrings make a huge difference for me too.... I've had to stop a few times at a store on the way to work if I've forgotten my earrings...sad but true - its totally makes a difference in my self-confidence even though noone would ever notice if I wasn't wearing them. (I'm a little crazy like that!)...(also lipgloss is my worst addiction)

HCK - great resisting on the snacks before dinner! These small accomplishments will make a huge difference in the long run! Get that water in ya!!

My results for the past 2 days..... awesome! I feel great! Gotta finish off the last 20 oz of water and get my Wed workout in and I'm right on track for my goals! Watching American Idol is really going to get me pumped for the damn Elliptical! I had a really good bonus workout yesterday and can feel it in my shoulders and abs - love that feeling! I may be over in my cals today only by a pinch... I splurged on some Velveeta Mac-N-chs for lunch - could not believe the calories after I consumed of course!
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