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Today I left the hotel at 10:30 and arrived back at 15:30 having walked my little legs off. I only stopped a few times for around 5 mins and then again for around 15 mins to get some water, that's the longest walk I have had in years, I'm quite proud of myself, especially since I passed lots of metro stations. Today has been warm but windy but at the moment the wind has died down and it looks like it will be a lovely evening.
I have been taking lots of phographs and I can't wait to get them downloaded, I love photography and it is a hobby I want to spend time on when I retire.
Tonight the Centre where my BF is directing is hosting a meal for the instructors and students and they have kindly invited me along. I believe it is a large buffet with some good healthy choices instead of the usual Hungarian heavy meals. The students and instructors come from many countries so it should be a very cosmopolitan gathering, I know that there are people from the US and Canada along with German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Belgian and Hungarian and of course from the UK.
Now I'm off to shower and get ready for our evening out, just hope I can stay awake and enjoy it.
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