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I'm on my own today, BF has gone off to work and I am thinking of heading into Budapest to have a wander around the shops, coffee and maybe visit the art gallery. The food here tends to be a bit stodgy with lots of dumplings on offer. However they will substitute a green salad in most places so I haven't been too bad. Last night I left the group (my BFs instructors on the course he directs) in the Belgian bar and went back to the hotel, they are a lovely bunch of men and women but most are much younger than me and they can stay up and drink and then still get up and function the next day. Recently I have been tired almost all the time, don't sleep well and have no enthusiasm to do things or socialise. I'm hoping it's just a temporary blip and I'll find my mojo again soon. I'd better get up out of this hotel bed, shower and head off otherwise I could end up lying here all day!!!!!
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