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Kathy thankyou for your post. I amd here tonight like I said I would. I didn't do as well as yesterday but hay I'm still ahead by 200 calories burned over what I took in. I even added the large cookies I got at a backery. I did a laot of walking today. I got some time off work so went and found out what I needed to do to get my tv working. After I get done with getting the pond area cleaned up tomorrow and get a shower,I plan on playing resistence 1 some more and see if I can get past the shubbery before the aliens kill me.
Kathy your right about the cook books and point counting. I have done it all including (sp) weighting. My electronic scale is outo in my sisters studio to weigh packages on right now.
water to day 6cups
gardening and walking exercise
way to much soda
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