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Originally Posted by skyhills View Post
3, if anyone has tips as to how to make net carb diet the most effective i would appreciate the tips
Read one of the Atkins books. They are easy to find--Kindle or hard copy--and not expensive. The books explain the science behind how carbs are figured AND give a list of carb counts.

Net carbs (nC) are the number of total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols. If you are following a diabetic diet, the nC would be the total carbs minus fiber and 1/2 of the sugar alcohols.

Tips? Eat clean--the more processed a food is, the more likely it is to have hidden sugar and grain. Eat baked or broiled chicken, not breaded chicken. Eat lots of leafy green veggies--lettuce and spinach can fill you up, but are very low in carbs. Cabbage is another good one--regular green cabbage is about 2nC/cup, Napa cabbage is 0 nC per cup.

Fat makes you feel full. You're keeping your cheese intake to 4oz or less/per day and your cream intake to about 1/4 cup a day--so you can 'afford' the full fat version. Butter has 0 carbs, but that doesn't mean you can eat a stick of it. Be reasonable. Coconut oil can be used for frying, sauteeing, and flavor.

Don't take portion sizes for granted--measure everything at least the first week, then at least one day each week following. If you don't, your servings are going to grow just a little bit each day. It's human nature.

Good luck with'll feel much healthier if you do it right.
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