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hello, my name is Nyda and I live in south eastern Idaho. I have lost the same ten pounds again and again for the last 2 years. I really need to change some habits this year and get some of this weight off of by December. I have been on ediets and have gone to weight watchers (can't afford them now). I need someone to whom I can tell my daily trials to who has more then 20 pounds to loose. I love to garden and have a green house. I grow most of the veggies and flower I have around my place from seed. I need to get out and start walkiing on days I don't garden I did pretty good today. I did stop and get a rootbeer and zero bar today after work. I have to limit my caffine intake because of migraines and am allergic to chocolate now-it gives me headachs . I still love it but I do better without it.
I have decided if nothing else I am going to have to be accountable to myself.
water 6 cups
soda 1 litter dc and 1 rootbeer with sugar
gardening 1.5 hours
veggies 2
fruits 2

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