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calories intake max 1200 - m/1300, t/1100, w/N 1,965, t/790, f/n, s/y, s/y
exercise my routine every day - m/y, t/y, w/y, t/y, f/y, s/y, s/n
drink neem - m/y, t/y, w/y, t/y, f/y, s/n, s/n
take walks - m-n, t/y, w/y, t/n, f/n, s/n, s/n
don't eat junk food - m/y, t/y, w/n, t/y, f/n, s/y, s/y
don't drink alcohol - m/y, t/y, w/y, t/y, f/y, s/n, s/y
drink lots of water - m/n, t/n, w/n, t/y, f/y, s/y, s/y
Start weight 03/19/2012 - 130.5 lbs

Current weight - 124.56 Ibs

Mini Goal weight - 121.25 lbs

End Goal weight - 105.6 lbs

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