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Hi guys- nearly the end of the weekend- oh i love not having to get up early for 2 days a week. I have made a promise with myself that though the week i am going to try and get to sleep earlier so i can feel more refreshed the next day otherwise it catches up0 with me and i feel dreadful. Im like a child some nights- i dont like to sleep cos i feel i miss out on something- especiall as my boyfriend used to suffer badly with insomnia- which could be where my bad sleep patterns began- hes much better now but still doesnt go to sleep at the same time as me which i miss but hey thats another story!

Ive started the day with a bacon sandwich but low points- 2 slices of weightwatchers bacon and 2 slices of nimble bread (no butter) with plenty of grilled mushrooms and a tomato.

Cassie-i never would have thought of dried cherries on a salad- i love fresh ones so i might try a few- i love pomegranate seeds but it seems strange when i see them on main dishes. I love nuts but i try to avoid buying them because instead of just a handful for a snack id eat a whole pack!!!!
Im thinking of trying fresh pod peas in some way with it- ive heard of green beans but im guessing they would have to be cold.
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