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Hey all,

Thing that helped me the most in terms of lean mass was good old powerlifting. Deadlifts, squats, not benching so much but you can if you want, low reps, heavy weights. I started serious lifting about 2 years ago and though I only gained 5 lbs of scale weight my body composition changed drastically. I can't know for certain since I didn't get any fancy measurements done but I'm guessing I went from around 22-23%bf to around 16-18%bf now.

Dietwise, extra protein is a must. As for the other macros, get as much natural fat as you can: bacon, eggs, avocados, nuts. Use carbs only around your workout time. This will help burn fat, spare muscle, prevent carb metabolism from interfering with consistent, even protein utilization, and make your muscles stand out. Try to avoid soy products, since they contain biochemicals that mimic estrogen and will negate your efforts.

I've sort of plateaued though right now, so I'm temporarily moving up to a higher rep scheme for the time being.

BTW, I'm 6'0" and 165lbs.
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