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I call this the porridge diet because 2 meals are replaced with porridge. Oats are very filling and are good for you so you get great benefits from the meals also you can make them savoury or sweet the choice is yours just chop up some fruit and sprinkle on top or drizzle a bit of natural honey on it for sweet or salt it for more savoury (I personally prefer sweet).

In this diet you have:
2 main meals as porridge (oats) sweet or savoury
A nutritious main meal with dessert (dessert optional depending on cal intake)
3 snacks of fruit or veg spaced throughout day

pure juice is preferred over other drinks

if you have a sweet tooth or crave chocolate - keep a bar of chocolate in the fridge broken up into squares. If you get a craving allow yourself one square. Since the chocolate will be hard from being in the fridge, it will last longer and you won't have the guilt from eating it.

no foods are off limit and calories you consume will depend on what weight you want to reach. As long as you ensure your 3rd main meal has all the nutrients you need (from being well balanced) you will not need to use supplements or anything else as part of the diet.

also since porridge is low in fat and calories when made with water you can even afford a small dessert provided it is within your calorie count.

Try to stay clear of processed foods as much as possible as they make you hungrier quicker.

I have done this diet many times and always with great results. Also as wheat tends to be too harsh for my system oats tend to fair much better.
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