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Default Diet Arguments...AGH!

It seems that no matter what we post--or how much research we have to back up our posts, there is always an argument.

We need to realize that there are several things that ALWAYS help us lose weight:
  • tracking our foods/journaling/whatever you call it
  • making healthier choices than we made in the past
  • changing our lifestyle to become more active (whether you believe in targeted weight loss through exercise or not, research shows that exercise helps your insulin process and blood pressure improve--both of which lead to weight loss)

Any diet will work short term--we need lifestyle changes to keep off what we've lost and not gain back over time. Unless there are current [usually unknown to the person] disorders, a short time of restricting a food will not result in health problems. Restricting processed foods and sugars will rarely result in health problems--with the exception of a few unusual disorders.

We also need to realize that one man's passion is another man's poison. I get tired of people attacking those who watch carbs...telling us that we NEED carbs. Personally, the last time I ate wheat and corn, I ended up in the hospital. They are poison to me. They cause digestive distress and extreme pain. That may not happen with everyone...we need to be mature enough to understand that each person's body uses food slightly differently than another's.

There are foods that make us SICK...and we often don't realize what they are until we cut them out and add them back in over time. Adding those foods back one at a time gives us a chance to figure out what is really happening. I would never have dreamed, for example, that tomato sauce gives me indigestion...not until I cut it out and added it back in. No more tomato sauce for me. Broiled tomatoes (often topped with fresh basil and mozzarella) are fine...tomato sauce makes me very uncomfortable and gassy.

Each of us have different food allergies, and some of us are better at figuring them out than others...some of those allergies make us sick, some make us gain weight. If you are "for" your diet, post on that diet's thread. If you are "against" a diet, leave that thread alone. We're all adults (at least, most of us are), toot your own horn, but don't stick a sock in mine.

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