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Originally Posted by niffico View Post
Im new here does anyone have good advice i need to lose 70lbs in 12 weeks
Ok, First off you CAN do it. It is not an impossible or "unrealistic" goal. But you will however, have to make some serious moves in order to obtain your goal. You first need to do either a low carb diet (phase 1 only if atkins) or restrict your calorie intake to 800 or less per day. I am doing the latter with the help of vanilla Slim Fast subing the milk for water it really works and tastes great. Next You will need an extreme workout plan. I HIGHLY recommend INSANITY from It is a crazy workout but I really love it. I just started and I have lost 8 pounds in 8 days! It leaves me in a good sweat, a clear mind, and the best part, the fat really melts off!!! But with all excersie, know your limits. Some excersies i just don't do because I'm to big to do right now. You should also take vitamins and drink a ton of water. Right now I'm taking CLA, B6 & B12, and Chromium Picolinate. Those vitamins have helped me so much chromium helps me not crave junk at all and boosts my metabolism and B6 &B12 really speed up the metabolism. My last piece of advice is DO NOT let ANYONE tell you BS like "you can't do it", or "you're crazy", "it's unhealthy to loose that much weight in a short amount of time", or my personal fav, "you look fine I don't know why you're trying to loose weight". When you(I) am like 227 pounds!!! Those people will try their damndest to sabotage your diet...DON'T LET THEM. They are almost always jelous, bitter people who have nothing better to do with themselves than to put you down and watch you fall. I don't care what nobody says, 2 pounds a week is not healthy weight loss when you are over 50 pounds overweight (such as myself). If that was true, then why don't the biggest looser contestants do that? Because its a bunch of B to the S.
Just know that whatever you make your mind up to do, your body will follow. That is what weight loss is, a battle that you MUST FIGHT in your mind. If your mind is not made up to loose the weight you have already lost.
I hope this long-winded message helped
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