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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Im back after a 4 day absence, I took a vacation day Friday as a gift to DH for his 50th birthday we went out to dinner with friends, then to music, beer was involved.

But, that was then, today Im back to being fit, I was going to just run instead of spinning, (because it is the B instructor) but, I ran into a friend on the Subway, so we went together and the instructor seems to have heard some of the feedback much more involved.

I finished with 30 crunches on the incline bench, 5 lb weight, setting 5 on the bench cant believe I can do this when I couldnt do 1 a year ago!

Staying strong!
Everyone needs a break from time to time. And what better excuse than celibrating a big day with the hubby. Setting 5 on the incline is almost vertical woman! Isn't it great to see measurable progress .

Back to Crossfit this AM. The field study was cancelled this week because of wind. It isn't a very good idea to set fires when the wind's blowing 25 MPH. After 2 weeks off and the race on Sat. it wasn't my best performance, but it did feel great!
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