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Default Hypothyroid AND Pcos?

Is anyone else Hypothyroid AND pcos? If so, having any luck losing weight fairly quickly and how? Im on metformin and spironolactone for the PCOS and it DRAINS my energy. The thyroid meds help very little with energy. I used to take armour thyroid but it stopped working. Now i take levothyroxine which works okay. still not great tho. Ive heard about iodine and tried to read up on it but no one ever gives you the doses you should use or anything. Im taking chromium to try to help get my blood sugars stabalized so i can drop some on the Metformin (im taking 875mg 2x daily). My insulin wasnt that high so I dont know why in the world my doc has me taking so much. I think she thinks that the more the better to try to help lose weight but my goodness. Im just frustrated with my energy....or lack thereof. I have been exercising alot lately and doing south beach but with both hypothyroid and pcos it comes off SO VERY SLOWLY. I also find that while South Beach makes me lose weight the fastest...I can only do the maintenence diet portion and not the first 2 weeks or I cant get out of bed. Since I work and have a 6 and 7 year old that is not an option. I know HOW to lose weight. Its just frustratingly slow. Anyone else with the same issues?
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