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I realize no one has made a post since feb. but Im new here and SO GLAD I found this thread! I love red wine at night...and the sweeter the better. bring on the italian koolaid! My problem is not that it makes me hungry, its that my wine glasses have turned to goblets over the past few years and those "2 glasses of wine" are NOT the recommended 4oz that a glass of wine is supposed to be! So Im cutting back. ALOT. I havent been drinking every night anymore and when I do im trying to keep it 2 1 real serving of wine. Last time I was dieting and thought I wanted a drink I made a 1 jigger of vodka and 1 lime wedge and seltzer water (sodium free) and that did the trick. cant afford any good vodka these days tho...I guess If i feel i want alcohol THAT BADLY I have other problems though lol...dont we all...anyways, im just really glad I found other people that are having difficulties with alcohol in their diets. This forum was good for me to read.
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