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That last post was a test, I swear, I posted this morning, and when I went to check in tonight, nada. It's gone, what a shame because it was a good little set of goals.

Sorry that I've been AWAL, life has been nuts and I felt like I just needed to take a break from counting cals and working out and all that "healthy" junk, and to plow through some craziness from the kids. Anyway in the midst of it all, middle child fell off a pony and broke her arm. Getting a cast put on a kiddo is sort of like adding a cranky newborn to the family, oi. You also would not believe how difficult it is to find a decent orthopedic surgeon, who is also interested in making an appointment in a timely fashion. Oh, I was not a very nice woman there for several hours straight. But it's all good, arm is mending, mom here is even feeling slightly less bitter toward the medical profession as a whole.

I noticed over the past few weeks that I was sort of slipping into something like mild depression or something, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, this sort of made my brain/mental state deteriorate or something. Anyway I've pulled my head out of "whoa is me" land and made a conscience decision to join up again with the healthy side. And guess what? I feel a ton better already. Today I didn't have heartburn, I'm energetic, I got things accomplished. Now if only I can get a little momentum going here...

Health Goals:

1. Calories 1,400 or less. 1,340
2. Water 100 oz or more. 100,
3. Log food, weight and activities daily. Y
4. Exercise 5 hours. 35 min,

Other Stuff:

1. Housekeeping 30 min daily + 1 load laundry. YY
2. Work on rabbit cages. Y
3. Take load to Goodwill. Y

That's it for me, baby steps. Tomorrow I might even brave the pedometer.
Starting weight: 244.6 lbs. 10/01/09
Pounds lost: 80.6 lbs
Current weight: 164 lbs
Goal weight: 120 lbs
Weight to go: 44 lbs
Goal Date: 1/1/13
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