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S'UP Y'ALL!!! Sorry I've been away - I was not a very good warrior this past weekend! Saturday I took the kids to my Aunts to work on my scrapbook (she help me put some sewing designs in!) and Sunday was clean the house day cuz we had pics done this morning! I'm still on the wagon - Its soooo much easier to stay on when you don't have any snacks tempting you in the cupboards! My water intake has not been good - the flu left some aftermath - a very very very sore throat! It hurt to even swallow water. Doing better now - hopefully its not lingering in one of the kids!

1. Drink min 100oz of WATER!!/install TV in washroom cuz that’s where I spend most of my day now…!
2. Wake up early before my monsters wake up!!!
3. PM workout Mon/Wed/Fri(at least)!!
4. Min 60 crunches/day!
5. 5 Pushups (straight leg)/ 10 pushups (knees)!
6. Calories below 1300/day!
7. Don't crash and burn on the weekend! WEEKEND WARRIORS UNITE!!!
9. FINISH SCRAPBOOK! Mothers Day is quickly approaching!!

Keeping my goals simple this week.... Need to get the scrapbook DONE!!

Mern & Mike - Mern tks for telling Mike in a nice way that there is no way he would ever get away with that sidelines crap! LOL Nice try buddy!

Quasimodo - hope your back feels better soon! My ciatic kicks in sometimes in the morning and it sux! I also blame it on the kids!

Cassie - you can do it!!!!

Jonjax - aren't closets the worst!! oh man - you can fit so much stuff in there and just forget about it until one day you step back and actually look at it.... I did that last week and it took me all day to clean out 2 closets! ooops! Good luck this week!

Hope - I hope everything is ok - I missed the post about your accident....
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