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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Mike! You get your birthday off this week, but get your butt in here the other six days. "I can't do it" doesn't wash here. You want Tori to win the race to 170?

Cassie, kudos to you for being determined to find a way to do everything and meet your own needs, too. Maybe we can't do EVERYTHING we need to do, but whatever we CAN do goes a long way. Nothing wrong with keeping the same goals. Let us know how the time conflict resolution between the concert and tournament goes.
You read my mind! I can't last the whole week either, apparently, but trying is better than the alternative!

Thanks, Mern. Essentially, we decided that he would email his director himself but simply say that he didn't know what to do, knowing that he could not miss the concert and saying he was told he can't miss the match (apparently the rosters are locked in with officials during the state playoffs). The long and short is that he can't get out of either commitment, but we can wiggle the timing so hopefully he can do both. Thanks for the moral support; will check in tomorrow night...I just want it to be over!

Let's all rock this week!

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