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Frenchhen, best wishes on your nice simple goals. Oh, I almost forgot how badly my long haired dog used to shed.

Lizzie, welcome back. Sounds like you had some yummy food while in Palma. Looking forward to hearing about Budapest. Best wishes on your goals.

Tunnrida, welcome back. Best wishes on your goals, too.

Hope, I'm totally better today, thanks. Best wishes with your goals. Big hugs to you. Also wishing you peace of mind and a lifting of your spirits.

Joanna, aiming for something, even if simple, is a good thing.

Nobe, simple seems to be a trend this week, so you're going with the flow. LOL I usually only raise the weight in my signature if I've been off the wagon for more than a week and know it's not just a water weight gain.

Chris, welcome. You sound like one busy mom! Congrats on your son's first communion. I hope you and you family have a wonderful celebration and that the kids have fun at scouts and soccer. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2004. I am lucky (since I found a new doctor who will help me) to be able to keep both my fasting blood glucose and my A1C normal since August of 2011 through 25g net carbs per day diet and exercise. My sister and brother both take insulin for their full blown type II diabetes.

Mary, wishing you a great week.
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